Landscape Design 

Formulating a master plan is generally the most essential step towards turning your landscape dreams into a reality.  At Lowney’s Landscaping our professional Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects are available to assist you in achieving those goals.

Every client is an individual with their own specific preferences, therefore we approach each design the same way.  Whether the job entails a brand new landscape installation, or a landscape renovation, we offer a personalized custom design with softscape and/or hardscape elements suited to our clients’ particular needs.

Hardscapes are the backbone of your landscape

At Lowney’s Landscaping we rely on hardscape elements to lend structure, order, stability, direction, strength, and the illusion of permanence to landscape designs.  More often than not these features serve the dual purposes of serving a legitimate function (such as a path for strolling, or a patio for entertaining), as well as providing a much sought after decorative element to the landscape.


Softscapes bring your landscape to life

If hardscape elements provide the backbone of any quality landscape project, softscape features are what breathe life into yards and gardens.  

At Lowney’s Landcaping, we stress the importance of incorporating suitable plant material into each and every design to soften up the hard lines of structures and paths, and promote rich, verdant landscapes that are inviting to all.