Welcome to our Landscape Project Center

In 2019, we at  Lowney’s Landscaping Center Inc. reinvented our retail space, into the now ‘Landscaping Project Center’. The on-going development in the Fox Valley and surrounding area made it evident that we needed to re-evaluate how Lowney’s could best meet the needs for a growing community and its homeowners.

Our newly developed project center offers a wide variety of options to assist you regardless of where you are on the spectrum of doing projects yourself. Approaching your project with a personalized design or simply project coaching is a great way to start and insure you are on the right path. Our offsite nursery has a fantastic selection of locally grown trees, shrubs, and perennials available upon request. If you are looking for pick up or delivery of bulk materials, please check our seasonal hours. Scheduled appointments for pick up are always welcome.


A key element to growing our project center is to provide relevant and accurate information to our customers so they can, ‘Be in the Know’, with the how -to of accomplishing their landscaping goals. Understanding specifics such as; plant selection, bedlines, tree placement, and soil enhancement are just a few of the basic factors important to a successful landscape.


"Be in the Know"and accomplish your landscaping goals.

Nursery 2.jpg

Lowney’s continues to offer superior landscaping designs, installation, and complete maintenance and turf services. You’ll find the staff at Lowney’s has the knowledge and creativity to put all the details together for you in one comprehensive plan. Commitment and passion are at the forefront of every project that comes our way. Let us know how we can assist you!