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Pergola Guttormson Back Complete IP (3)Expand your home’s livable space through outdoor living!

At Lowney’s Landscaping we subscribe to the view that one’s yard is as much their home as the house is. Therefore, we encourage our clients to expand their livable space by embracing elements of outdoor living.

A house provides shelter from inclement weather, but no one ought to be confined to the interior of their home when there is a wider world out of doors to experience.  Through the installation of outdoor living features, homeowners can enjoy the same level of comfort in their outdoor landscape as they do inside their house.

We are a fully licensed and insured dwelling contractor in the state of Wisconsin.  With these credentials we are able to handle all of your construction needs.  We specialize in decks, pergolas, ramadas, garden planters, trellises, and anything else that comes to mind to enhance your outdoor living experience.  We are the landscaper of choice to make sure your outdoor living transformation is completed in a timely manner and done with the highest level of quality available in the industry.

Outdoor living features often incorporate numerous hardscape elements and may include one or more of the following:

Pergolas        Arbors        Decks        Seating        Swings        Grills        Patios

    Fire Pits          Fire Places          Ramadas          Garden Sheds          Landscape Lighting


Low voltage landscape lighting systems are safe, economical, energy efficient and provide numerous benefits for modern homeowners.  Outdoor lighting can be used to provide safe access near paths, drives and entry areas, and increase security by discouraging potential intruders.  Furthermore, the beauty of your home’s landscape can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic lighting techniques such as up lighting, path lighting, down lighting, or back lighting.

Grill Examples IP (8)


Custom designed grilling stations can be an excellent addition to your home, granting folks the ability to prepare and serve fine meals in a comfortable outdoor setting.

Fire Places & PitsBrockman 11-12 (6)Fireplace Example IP (2)

Spend your evenings with friends and family huddled near the warmth of a fire.


Please contact us via phone or email at (920) 733-2560 or with questions or estimate requests on the addition of outdoor living elements in your landscape.

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